The Center for Environmental Economics Research & Consultancy (CEERAC), formerly known as The Environmental Economics Research & Consultancy (EERAC), is a nonprofit organization established in April 2008. 

The vision of CEERAC is to address the acute research needs within the fields of environment and development economics, and enhance research capacity in GHANA and sub-Sahara AFRICA.

The main objectives include:

  • Direct engagement in high quality and policy relevant research;
  • Disseminate research results to policy makers and the general public;
  • Build research capacity through training
  • Collaborate with other sister organizations to share research output and experiences 

CEERAC has the capacity to provide high quality research on diverse issues within the broader field of environment and natural resource economics as well as development economics. Some of our specific research areas include:

  • Climate change, adaptation and mitigation strategies in developing countries;
  • Sustainable management of renewable resources (including wild fish stocks);
  • Non-renewable resources management and use conflicts;
  • Imperfect land markets, tenure insecurity and agricultural productivity;
  • Poverty and natural resource degradation;
  • Non-market valuation of environmental resources;
  • Health economics and health care management in developing countries;
  • Climate variability, resource scarcity and conflicts.

In addition to executing complete research projects, CEERAC has the expertise to provide a wide range of consultancy services including:

  • Designing surveys and collecting data,
  • Processing and analyzing data,
  • Research report writing, and
  • Providing training services on data collection and processing.

CEERAC is currently seeking CORE funding and support for its initiatives. Please contact Dr. Wisdom Akpalu (Email: akpaluw@)ceerac.org) if you intend to support our initiative or collaborate with us.