Since the summer of 2009, EERAC has been providing advanced quantitative research training workshops in Environment and Development Economics to young researchers and graduate students in Ghana. The first workshop was organized at Alakple in the Volta region, the second was at the Economics Department of Cape Coast University, and the third was at Accra Polytechnic guest house in Accra. The activities accomplished during each workshop include:

  1. Assisting the participants to develop research proposals.
  2. Training the participants in data analysis techniques (i.e., basic econometrics methods)
  3. Training the participants to use statistical software (Excel, Stata and MicroFIT) for data analysis
  4. Commenting on ongoing research projects in environmental economics and policy making

Each of the three workshops lasted more than 50 contact hours. More than 30 individuals have so far benefitted from the training. The participants rated the workshops very highly and a number of them have successfully completed their masters degree and others are writing their PhD dissertations.