CEERAC Working Paper Series (2012)







 How Did the Fed Respond to the Stock Markets?

Mussa, A.



 Travel Distance and Household Demand for Water in Ghana

Akpalu, W.



 Socioeconomics of crime and discretionary punishment: the Case of Ghana

Akpalu, W., and Mohammed, A.



 The impact of uncertainty on the supply of crime

Akpalu, W.



Access to microfinance and intra household business decision making: Implication for efficiency of female owned enterprises in Ghana.

Akpalu, W., Alnaa, S. E, and Aglobitse, P.



Optimum reserve size, fishing induced carrying capacity change and phenotypic diversity.

Akpalu, W. and Bitew, W. T.



Illegal fishing and catch potentials among small scale fishers: Application of endogenous switching regression model.

Akpalu, W. and Normanyo, A. K.